7 Mart 2010 Pazar

like a snowman with stendhal syndrome in berlin.

i went to berlin (finally) in january. and i do realise it is march now, i really do. i haven't blogged about this until now cause initially i was, you know, lazy, and not fully accepting of the fact that i am back to a life of responsibility, school and such.
but then, i spilled tea on my laptop and i have been computerless for the past three weeks. do not do it. it causes an extreme amount of pain.so now, having got it back yesterday (fully working, but the writings are all pixelly and for some reason windows is denying to show me thumbnails, other than that we're totally fine compared to waht could've happened) i am completely slumped with the amount of work i have to do and don't know where to begin, hence the blogging.
so yes, berlin. berlin was so cool, both in literal and metaphoical sense. the temperature when i was there varied between -18 and +2, and my stay there consisted so little of touristing and so much of getting lost in the streets with fingers frozen on the camera, trying to capture light at dark, and then leaving the camera home for the nightlife. the whole thing ended with the most unexpected outcome, a relationship re-establised with my body. i guess we really needed that all night dancing to good music.

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