9 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

it runs in the family.

finally, vacation. 
it hasn't quite hit me yet. what i got out of it until now is a fairly less dysfuctional sleeping pattern; which is defined by more sleep but waking up abruptly eary in the morning no matter what, and falling asleep at times like saturday night when your gay boyfriends are calling you out.
my room is still a mess, and the stack of books i checked out from the library to form ideas on my future thesis are still piled up on my desk, i haven't gotten around to any projects, but i did start carrying my camera arounda and ended up having a little homemade photoshoot-type thing when i was staying at my cousin's, the night before she left for london. we were both so exhausted, she had a runny nose and i could barely carry the camera but it got me to remember the feeling of it, which is a step, not a big step, but nontheless.

so mickey?

the styling was a combination of hers, mine, and her grandmother's vintage.




some candiderie:
wine and conversation.

and yours truly.

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