21 Kasım 2009 Cumartesi


i'm still slacking off of work, but i managed to go out and buy myself a load of candy and crayons, and do that:


fog, garden

DSC_0108 copy

lights, bound.

fog, bound.


halloween found me today.

this is what today felt like to me. fog, and peacefulness. i fit into it like a glove that found the right hand. i was listening to zoe keating through the whole process. because legions of cello fit the fog.

2 yorum:

  1. Fog is a being. I saw the echoings of an old explosion called Big Bang and recited Sheep in Fog under my misty breath on the way home.

    You know it's high up here so it's particularly magnificent.

  2. I do know. Also, the wideness in front of my house kinda does the trick.